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Historic Reenactor Dennis Johnson in front of Northwest Company Store
About Us

The Friends of Fort Willow are a volunteer group, operating under the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA).

Our goals include the preservation of the original site and its reconstructed features and the promotion of historical, educational and recreational activities which make respectful use of the site.

From about 1995 to 2009, a volunteer group known as the Fort Willow Improvement Group invested thousands of hours in rebuilding the site, quite literally from the ground up. Their work included locating and outlining the buildings identified in the 1955 archaeological dig, and constructing a palisade and defensive earthworks around the site. In addition they constructed information kiosks, erected signs and maintained a First Nations’ style "Three Sisters" garden inside the Fort.

The Friends of Historic Fort Willow have taken over the task of preserving and operating the site. We have continued the work of the Fort Willow Improvement Group, adding a new pavilion, improving access to the site, organizing historic events and tours, and generally maintaining the historic presence of Fort Willow in Simcoe County.

We continue to introduce new initiatives and to maintain the site and are always looking for interested volunteers. If you would learn more about our work, please contact us.

Friends of Fort Willow Committee Members

  • Byron Wesson - Chair
  • Dennis Johnson - Vice Chair
  • Neil Martin - Secretary
  • Trevor Carter
  • Joe Cinanni
  • David Cockburn
  • Andrew Hall
  • Ruthan Johnson
  • Jane Martin
  • Joel Perron
  • Jim Scott

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